Dr Kareem is a Consultant Psychiatrist and specialist in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), affiliated to the Forensic, Addiction and Intellectual Disability faculties of the RCPsych, and was elected to the Fellowship of the RCPsych in February 2014.

He became a member of the England South MHA Approvals Panel in September 2014, the East Anglian Forensic Services Peer Group in March 2016 and the RCPsych Research Panel since November 2018. Dr Kareem is actively involved in charitable organisations, including being a Board of Trustees Member of the Mental Health Empowerment Initiative Nigeria and Vice President of the Evergreen Foundation for the Elderly.

His published works include ‘The Effects of Technology on the Practice of Psychiatry’, ‘Some Facts Dr Kareem provides reports and witness testimony to Tribunals/Courts as an independent expert (Civil, Court of Appeal, Court of Protection, Criminal, Crown, Family and Immigration) and also provides Clinical Appraisal and Revalidation for Psychiatrists employed in locum positions. He regularly delivers medical education and presents at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Dr Kareem has lectured at the Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities and, since September 2020, he has been Educational Supervisor for MSc Physician’s Associate Students at the University of Worcester.

During his career, Dr Kareem led the setting up of a Medium Secure Unit for people with Asperger Syndrome in addition to being Clinical Director, Medical Director and Clinical Governance Lead at several hospitals. In his everyday work, he has acted as Responsible Clinician for forensic inpatients, reporting on those patients to various statutory bodies and agencies, including Tribunal Services (Mental Health), Hospital Managers, the Ministry of Justice and Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

Dr Kareem has practiced continuously within community, inpatient and secure settings for over 25 years. He is currently working with the Community Learning Disability Team, in a specialist neurorehabilitation setting for people with Acquired Brain Injury, a specialist residential service of individuals aged 16+ with Autism, and in independent practice.

His caseload includes adults who have diagnoses of Intellectual Disability, mental illnesses, Personality Disorders, ASD (including Asperger Syndrome/High-functioning Autism) and forensic/offending history. 9 LDS SOLAR ENERGY LIMITED OUR TEAM About High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)’, ‘Mental State Examinations by Psychiatric Trainees in a Community NHS Trust: The importance of a standardised format’, ‘ECT in a Patient with Psychotic Retarded Depression, Terminal Hepatic Cancer & Oesophageal Varices’ and ‘Response to The Value of Advocacy: Putting ethics into practice’.

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